The Zillow Controversy

02 Jun
Zillow stats are not reliable.

Zillow stats are not reliable.

There is a secret battle being fought in America. Not the war on violent crime, everyone knows we have a problem with that. This crime can rob you of your dream home or your home’s equity. It is the battle between your local real estate professionals and the mega real estate website Zillow.

Now being a Realtor myself, I know the Wilmington, NC real estate market. But now I have clients who think that Zillow is their savior and has come to save them from the dishonesty of real estate professionals. I can not tell you how many times I have heard, “Well I looked it up on Zillow, and Zillow says…..”. Not only do they estimate property value inaccurately, they also do not report real time information. For instance, I had a buyer request to see a home in our area. I looked up the property on our local MLS and saw that it sold over a month ago. Then she says, “I just looked it up on Zillow, and Zillow says it is still on the market. Can we at least go by there and look at it?”. So, knowing how much everyone trusts the gospel of Zillow, I wasted my valuable time driving across town to see a house I knew was not available. All she could say is, “I don’t understand!” I wanted to say, That is why you hired me… because you don’t understand.” But that would not be professional or nice. But what you should understand is that most Realtors like myself try to do our jobs with integrity. When you have a company like Zillow making our jobs harder, it can get a little frustrating. After all, Realtors are only human.

Click here to read an article from The LA Times on the growing Zillow problem.

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