Another Round of Stimulus Money?

06 Dec

Another round of stimulus money? Will it help? Most experts believe it will. They believe that although consumer confidence is up, the economy is not growing fast enough to support job increases. After crunching the numbers, they have found that if the US created 80,000 jobs every month, it would still take over 50 months just to get back to where we started in 2008. Those are some pretty sobering numbers, and you would think that the facts would promote non-partisan cooperation. But the senate and the house are still at odds about what would help our ailing economy.

On the other hand, commercial real estate is starting to show some signs of life. This could be due to small businesses gearing up to make a push towards profits. For this reason, tax cuts will be very important to sustain growth. Let’s all just hope that the new year and warm weather brings even more consumer confidence.

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